Meagan Johnson

committed to your physical and emotional wellbeing

Counselling & Psychotherapy | Coaching | Remedial Massage | Group Facilitation

Remedial Massage

I consider having a massage as an opportunity for you to take time out and integrate life..  It's an opportunity to take time out from our busy lives and experience a slower pace of life for a while.

If you are under the guidance of other practitioners you may often find it easy to focus on the mental activity of the work you are doing with counsellors, psychologists, naturopaths etc.  Having a massage allows you to take time out and focus on the impact on our bodies.

My massage treatments are similar to remedial massage in that it is a firm massage and I certainly do get in and loosen tight muscles.  Sometimes emotional responses can come from working on those muscles and strong releases can come about.  I create a very safe space for those emotions to be experienced and released.

I am available for massage treatments at Sydenham on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings and all day Saturdays.